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Mountainside Ministries Church in Lake Elsinore, CA

Mountainside Ministries Christian Church originated from Orange County. We began our ministry to the hippies and street people in the late 1960’s serving food, offering music, a place to hang out and stay overnight if needed, giving medical attention, and Christian counseling, etc. while sharing the Bible truths with them. Building foundational relationships in the community, many people left their old life of drugs, sexual immorality, and jobless poverty, and became sound community citizens and followers of Jesus Christ.

As time went by, Mountainside Ministries realized a growing need for the children to have a safe environment free from peer pressure, bullies, and drugs. In 1978, the church started a Christian school for those who desired private Christian education with quality academics.

In 1998, we started offering horseback riding, english riding, horse lessons, and summer horse camps to church members and the community. The response was terrific so we started a horse ministry to reach children, teens, and families. We also had campouts, hiking, water activities, picnics, and sports, all centered around Jesus Christ and His word.

In 2005 we decided to move to Lake Elsinore to continue our ministry. We have 60 acres of cultivated land offering several ministries to reach Families, Singles, Young Adults, Seniors, and Children. Our services are rich in the Bible, discovering spiritual truths, revealing misconceptions or fallacies in world issues, practical knowledge and skills, modern topics, developing a strong relationship with Jesus, how to apply the Bible today, and enjoying this life. Our worship is real, compelling, and lively as we follow the scripture pattern of worship and prayer to meet with our Creator. We are genuine and down-to-earth, so our fellowship is centered around love involving all ages, denominations, race, spiritual levels, and social statuses. Come enjoy the good life and grow with us.

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