COVID Guidelines


Sunday | 10 AM

COVID Guidelines

We understand the church's strong convictions to assemble and encourage one another to love and good works. We are starting in-person services starting May 31, 2020. As you prepare to join us for our Sunday service, please understand the following guidelines:

Building Entry

Upon entering the building, be sure to keep 6 feet distance between yourself and other attendees.

Room Layout

Chairs will be set up 6 feet apart from one another. Families may sit together in their own area that is 6 feet away from the next family/individual. The entrance door will remain open to allow contactless entrance.


During this time of social distancing, please refrain from contact greetings which include hugging, kissing, and touching other individuals.


Offering/Tithing envelopes will be available for donations. Please fill out your envelope and drop it into the designated dropbox.


Please try to use the restroom before coming to the service. If you must use the restroom, please wash your hands. We will be sure to disinfect after every use.

Food and Refreshments

We will not be providing food or refreshments during this time. We will announce when refreshments will be provided in the future.

Children and Families

As mentioned above, it is requested that families (including children/spouses) sit together during the service.

Face Coverings

Please follow the requirements set forth by the county.


We encourage those who are sick to stay home and join us when you are well.